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How to build a Loktantrik Party (2009), Loktantra within the Political Party (2006), Inclusive State Structuring (2006, Co-writer), Restructuring of the State (2006, Co-writer), The Monarchy of Nepal (2005), Democratization of the State (2005), Democracy within Congress Party (2005), Constituent Assembly (2005), CA National Agenda (2000), Proposal of a New Nepal (1999), Bisheswor Prasad Koirala: Four Decades of Nepali Congress (1996: Editing), Parisheelan (1995: A Critical Study of Language and Literature), A Study of Nepal’s Policy on Non-government Organizations (1993, Co-Writer), Epic Poet Somnath Sigdel and his Epic Writing (1984), Democratization of State (Democratic State Structure for Nepal) Translation in Englsih: 2007.

Presentation of Research Papers and Concept Notes in various political, social and literary seminars.

Frequent publishing of various articles in newspapers and magazines (1973-2007 ). Editing of more than a dozen collections and compilations (1969-1996).

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