Political Involvement

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  • Been active in Student Politics since 1967 A.D. Was elected in various Student Union positions.
  • General Secretary of Nepal University Teacher’s Association and Central Coordination Committee that was created in the wake of the people’s movement of 1990 led by Nepali Congress.
  • Since 1997, have been introducing and debating on the concept of Provincial State Restructuring and Direct Election of the Prime Minister to ensure constitutional provision for the same.
  • Following the Royal Massacre of 2001, due to differences with the party after publicly opining on the significance of Monarchy and need for Constitutional Assembly, had resigned from the position of Nepali Congress’s Central Spokesperson and Head of the Communications Department,
  • In July 03, 2006, initiated a new campaign within Congress for a Democratic Republican Nepal, and visited 65 districts engaging in more than 175 interaction events and idea exchanges in favor of a republican Nepal.
  • From 2008-2010, played an active role in sketching out the concept note and presenting the first draft of the State’s Restructuring and Allocation of Resources Committee in the Constituent Assembly.

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